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Collection Studio 4.76

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Book collecting & managing

Carol De Priest
20 ноября 2010 09:32
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I just joined your community and am interested in your software for my books. Is your software adaptable to those wanting to keep track of their book collections, and if so, how can I find out more about it, and how to use it? Do you have any screen shots?
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Профиль serge
20 ноября 2010 09:34
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Yes, you can track your books, magazines, news paper collection using our CollectionStudio software.

For this you can go using two ways:

  • use standard "book" collectible
  • or use custom collectible feature.

This option you can select during creation of the new collection.

The difference between them are that standard "book" collectible has already predefined list of fields for book characteristics. In the second way you should specify our own characteristics (for example, year, author, title, edition, number of pages, cover type etc)

The second way is more flexible.

Additional information you can gain from CollectionStudio Help file, which comes with CollectionStudio installer. Or you can check our CollectionStudio Online Help section which is available at:


Screen shots are available on our site in the "screen shots" section.

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