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Collection Studio 4.76

[ последний релиз: 31 мая 2024 ]

Windows: List View



What can you do with the List View?

  • Sort the rows by any column in the list

    Click on any of the column headers to sort the data in it in ascending order. If you click on the same column header again the data will be sorted in descending order.

  • Filter content of the list

    To filter rows content open Filter window and add some criterias for filtering. Then press Apply button.

  • Change the width of a column

    To change the width of a column; grab the dividing line at left end of the column with your mouse and while holding down the left mouse button drag the column to the desired width.

  • Change the order of the columns

    To change the order of the columns (Country, Title, Donator, Books, Mint etc) drag and drop that column to its new location.

  • Add/Remove Columns

    To add or remove a column from the List right click on the list header and then select or unselect the columns you want displayed.

  • Export To Plain Text, HTML or CSV file

    To export currently displayed items in the list, just select Menu / Tools / Export and follow CS instructions. First of all you will be prompted for filename, its location and format in which data should be exported.

  • Print

    To print a report of displayed rows.