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Collection Studio 4.75

[ последний релиз: 31 августа 2018 ]

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Can you track your collection with user-defined collectibles in CS? (23 ответов)

CollectionStudio was translated to 19 langauges. Does CollectionStudio available in your native language? (325 ответов)

Do we need ribbon style tabbed interface with Vista style buttons on XP like its done in MS Office 2007? (114 ответов)

Do you like the disign of our web-site? (77 ответов)

Financial crisis. Does it make an influence on your collecting activity? (46 ответов)

Usability of the CollectionStudio is: (825 ответов)

What do you collect? (227 ответов)

What do you think about Collection Studio? (219 ответов)

What's the size of your collection? (93 ответов)

Why do you collect? (47 ответов)