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[ Datum: 31 Mai 2024 ]

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Add image feature

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25 Oktober 2009 18:20
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There have been discussions in the past about the images' path, which doesn't allow displaying images when changing the drive letter (I have installed CS on USB stick and use it on home and work PCs, where the allocated drive letter is different).

That's a pity to have this option and not use it, that's why I am asking you appologize for bringing this issue again on the table... Is there any way to link images using a relative path independent on drive letter?

On the other hand, for a new user with 4000+ items it is quite boring to add images one by one. Is it possible to build a pluggin able to automatically allocate images by, let's say, matching image file name with item ID (or other criteria)?

Another improvement might be the possibility to link to images stored on an server, avoiding thus the drive letter issue. Since I also have all images online, I tried to manually link them to the items in the collection. Instead of direct linking, CS linked the items to the image downloaded on Internet Temporary Folder, which is not good. Any ideas how to link to online images?



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