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Collection Studio 4.72

[ Datum: 31 März 2016 ]

Was gibt's Neues in CollectionStudio?

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Was gibt's Neues in Collection Studio 4.72 / Mar 31, 2016

  • Collectibles:
    • Added new statistics views - by year grouped with 5, 10, 25, 50 years;
    • Show list of collectibles in pop up list from statistics view "by group of years" (5 / 10 / 25 / 50);
  • Collectible title: add new rules for making more human readable title of the collectible;
  • Export:
    • Export into CSV: add column titles as first row of the export data;
    • Convert all prices (catalog and buy price) into user selected currency; All prices are go with corresponding currency name;
    • Set default export format as CSV;
    • Fix: use default filename for the exported collection: "My collection, ";
  • GPS coordinate field type: add predefined shortcuts for opening GPS coordinate with ACME Mapper and Maps-For-Free online map services (previously there were only two options: Google maps and Yahoo maps);
  • Multilingual support:
    • Update of Belarus flag Belorussian translation;
  • Countries: Fix: do not rewrite already set existence years for countries;
  • Statistics: show most lucky and most worst purchase;
  • CollectionStudio help file: fixed internal links;


Was gibt's Neues in Collection Studio 4.71 / Jul 31, 2015

  • Collectibles:
    • Added new field types: weight and material;
    • Added new statistics view: by materials with total weights;
  • Filter of the collectible list:
    • Change colors of buttons;
    • Show icons for buttons when there is enough free space in the window;
  • Edit/add collectible window:
    • Allow manual adding of the country/currency for collectible using Edit control with drop down list with already used or predefined values (you can disable this functionality and return back to just selection using combo-box with flag images);
    • Auto adding new country/currency entry during creation/modification of the collectible (you can disable this functionality in the setting window);
    • Fix: show vertical scroll bar when data is too big to fit the list of the ComboBox field type;
  • List:
    • Fix: sort by income date;
    • Fix: enhance sorting by price (catalog price / paid amount);


Was gibt's Neues in Collection Studio 4.70 / Feb 12, 2015

  • Export:
    • Validate string values during export into CSV format;
    • Allow customization of the date format during export (current default value is DD.MM.YYYY);
  • Import:
    • Allow multi lines values in CSV files;
    • Fix: progress bar doesn't disappear when import finished;
    • Fix: progress bar moves to fast than importing of the data;
    • Speed up import process;
  • Multilingual support:
    • Update Ukrainian flag Ukrainian translation by netavek;
  • Speed-up opening collectible edit dialog;
  • Auto recover corrupted file (partly downloaded from web);


Was gibt's Neues in Collection Studio 4.69 / Oct 5, 2014

  • Prices and currencies:
    • Convert all prices into one currency (selected by user in settings window) during display;
    • Fix: no Euro in the currencies list for prices;
    • Statistics: fix: 100 USD + 100 EUR = 230 USD, according to current currency exchange rate;
    • Statistics: fix: conversion of the collection price into one base currency (selected by user or into default USD);
    • Exchange rates: add ability to convert A->B using temporary currency;
  • Export:
    • Validate tag (for forbidden symbols) after editing and during loading of the old collection;
    • Fix: export into CSV file;
  • Import:
    • From XML: Automatically import collectible images, attachments and links;
    • Try to automatically detect "collectible index" column from the data being imported;
  • Main bar: For selected collectible show only fields that are not used in the collectible template name;
  • Added new country and its flag Biafra and several territories;
  • Speed up: usage of more faster sort algorithm;


Was gibt's Neues in Collection Studio 4.68 / Oct 29, 2013

  • Fix: command line parameter "-newcollection" leads to opening "New collection" at program start up (also it prevent opening last accessed collection during start up)
  • Default field values: now it is possible to edit default values of the field in the Collection options window;
  • Export: Fix crush during export;
  • Statistics:
    • Main statistics: Added "median of year" field; This year represents situation where one half of collection is older than this median year and another half is younger;
    • Speed up: building statistics by country/currency/quality;
  • List: align numbers in cells to the right, flags - in the middle of the cell;



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