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Collection Studio 4.76

[ Datum: 31 Mai 2024 ]

Start Collection Studio and Its Parameters



From Windows

You can start Collection Studio by double-clicking on the CollectionStudio.exe file in Windows Explorer, by double-clicking on any file that is associated with Collection Studio (see Program Settings / File Association) or by dragging and dropping a file on to either the CollectionStudio.exe file or a shortcut to it.

From the Command Line

The syntax to start Collection Studio from the command line is:

CollectionStudio.exe "drive:\path\filename" [switches]

Note: The Collection Studio directory must be in your $PATH environment variable for this to work. If it isn't then you must enter the full path to the CollectionStudio.exe file.

Note: We strongly recommend to use pathfilename in command line. It can help you to avoid path related problems (using backuped document instead of temporary created one).

Switch values

-pPrint the whole collection on default printer;
-nosplashDo not show the splash-screen.
-portableDo not use registry on local machine as storage for all Collection Studio settings. This command is used when Portable Installation is required.
-newcollectionLeads to opening "New collection" at program start up. Also it disables opening of the last accessed collection during CollectionStudio start up.
trace=file.logSpecify trace filename (file.log) for tracing output. Since CS 4.66;
structure-load=file.csdsSpecify filename (file.csds) with collection structure for just created new collection at program start up. Since CS 4.66;
structure-save=file.csdsSpecify filename (file.csds) for saving collection structure at application start up with specified collection in command line. When structure is saved CS will exit. Since CS 4.66;
language=FrenchSpecify language to be set at program start up. Default is empty - determine previously used language; During first run of the Collection Studio default interface language will be taken from the settings of user account in OS Windows®. Since CS 4.66;


  • CollectionStudio.exe "my_collection.col" -portable -nosplash

    Starts CollectionStudio from the current folder and automatically opens existing collection file - my_collection.col. All settings will be taken from the local file in the same directory and all changes in the settings will be stored there. This command is very useful for keeping your collection on portable device, for example on USB Data Storage.