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Collection Studio 4.76

[ Datum: 31 Mai 2024 ]

Settings: Histogram Settings




Settings: Histogram Settings
Screenshot of the "Settings" window with opened "Histogram Settings" tab page.

Depth cxDefines offset of the histogram back by x-axis in pixels
Depth cyDefines offset of the histogram back by y-axis in pixels
Line spacingDefines spacing between gray horizontal lines. Set zero to disable this visualization
Gradient as backgroundDraw gradient background in histogram area. Default state is ON.

All changes you have made on settings in this dialog will be automatically saved after pressing OK button.


In Collection Studio you can see statistics about your collection with histogram. Also you can perform the following actions with histogram:

  • Copy histogram into clipboard;
  • Save histogram as a BMP image file.

Histogram with popup menu
Screenshot of the histogram with popup menu.

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