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Collection Studio 4.76

[ Datum: 31 Mai 2024 ]

Tool "Export"



The "Export" tool provides the export of the whole collection or its parts into the file with specific format.

Supported formats for export

Current version provides the following formats:

  • ASCII Text File (extension: txt);
  • XML Table (extensions: xml) - with this format you could export all attached images to collectible;
  • MS Excel file (extensions: xls);
  • HTML (web page);
  • CSV File (extension: csv);
  • SQL Scripts (extensions: sql).

If you need to export just the current view (as you can see it in the list), you should use "Save View Tool" of Collection Studio. Later you can easy import all exported data using "Import" tool.

During export, CollectionStudio prevents empty columns exporting (this filter is applied only for rarely used fields).

System settings

In spite of using "Settings" window, you can apply the following additional settings to setup CollectionStudio. These settings can be set only using RegEdit standard Windows® application for the following section in registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\Collection Studio\

VariableDescriptionDefault state/value
Export/DateFormat.XmlDate format for date fields data during export into XML.%d.%m.%Y
Export/DateFormat.XlsDate format for date fields data during export into XLS.%d.%m.%Y
Export/DateFormat.CsvDate format for date fields data during export into CSV.%d.%m.%Y

Show complete list of system settings available in CollectionStudio.

Export modes

Collection Studio can export data in two modes:

  • Mode 1: The whole collection

    Access to this function in the main window of the Collection Studio: from Menu Tools and from Toolbar.

  • Mode 2: Thematic parts of collection

    Access to this function only from country/currency/quality/contact edit window, from its tab - 'collectibles'.

note Note:  Only export using XML Table, SQL and HTML supports export of all images from your collection into the specified file format.

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