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Collection Studio 4.75

[ Data: 31 sierpnia 2018 ]

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Collection Studio

If you have tired to change text files and if you want to create easy-to-use electronic view of your collection we are glad to offer you our Collection Studio. Thanks to CollectionStudio your PC becomes your ultimate storage system.

Collection Studio is a program which tracks different collection items such as coins, banknotes, stamps, movies. Moreover CS allows you to track custom items whatever it is. Using new CollectionStudio you can see the whole or particular part of your collection in different ways: list, histogram, report, continent map. Easy-to-use tools will help you to change information, share it with friends, allowing collection to grow...

Click on the image to view full size screen shot of the main window in Collection Studio Supported Platforms: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2003, XP, Vista.

Szczegółowa lista funkcji

Pobierz bezpłatną wersję próbną (4.6 MB)

Zakupu pełnej wersji ($35)

Najważniejsze funkcje

  • Multi collectibles
  • Custom collectible NEW
  • Images support
  • Baza linków
  • Database Security
  • Custom fields
  • Multi views
  • Statystyki w ilustracjach
  • Wielojęzyczne wsparcie
  • Eksport / import narzędzie
  • Dates calculator
  • Wyszukiwarka
  • Portatible Installation
  • Obsługa kodów kreskowych
  • Wtyczki
  • Szczegółowa lista funkcji


31 sierpnia 2018

We continue to make monthly a new release of our great software for collecting - CollectionStudio 4.75. As usual we are going the hard way in achieving bugfree version!

29 lipca 2018

During this hot July we have prepared a new version of CollectionStudio 4.74 with additional improvements and fixes that have been requested by our users. Thank you for your contribution!

24 czerwca 2018

We are still alive and online! Here is a updated version of CollectionStudio 4.73 which was released with additional statistics views and improvements.

31 marca 2016

New version of CollectionStudio 4.72 was released with new statistics views and fixes. Thanks to everyone who reported suggestions for improvements and new features.

8 sierpnia 2015

New version of the Collection Studio Online v.0.24 with new import feature was released:

  • Supported import formats are CSV (semicolon separator) and CSV (tabulator separator);
  • Ability to disable import of specific column(s);
  • Ability to create or use already existing columns during import;
  • New improvements will be added after your request! ;)