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Collection Studio 4.76

[ l'ultimo release: Maggio 31, 2024 ]

Settings: Miscellaneous Settings

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Show splash screen at start-upCheck if you want to show splash screen of the Collection Studio (program version, release date, copyrights information etc) at start up. Default state is ON.
Maximize at start-upCheck if you want to open maximized Collection Studio at start-up. Default state is OFF.
Save sizeCheck if you want to save size of the main Collection Studio window after program exit. Default state is ON.
Save positionCheck if you want to save position of the main Collection Studio window after program exit. Default state is ON.
Snap a Window to the Screen EdgeSnapping a window to the screen edge is an interesting effect - allows you easily align your window/dialog according to your screen border.
Enhanced dialog dragging procedureAllows to drag all dialogs using mouse pointed in the whole dialog area, instead of just in dialog caption area (standard Windows ® behavior).
Price inCurrency into which all prices will be converted. Default value is empty - show prices with original currencies.
Empty PriceSign or word used to show item taken for free. For example: "-", "n/a" etc. Default value is "Free".
Date formatIf checked - format of the item's date to be shown in the main item's list. Default value is "%B %d, %Y, %A". See available date formats. If unchecked the default short date format from your regional settings will be taken. This is default state of the parameter.
Empty YearSign or word used to display not entered 'Year' field of the collectible in the main list view. Default value is "N/A".

All changes you have made on settings in this dialog will be automatically saved after pressing OK button.

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