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Collection Studio 4.76

[ l'ultimo release: Maggio 31, 2024 ]

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Collection Studio Online

Collection Studio » CS Online

Online version of the Collection Studio — Collection Studio Online (CSO) is an independent, separate collector's service, which provides you online management of your collections with powerful tools for tracking and displaying collectibles in your browser and at the same time ability to share your collectible list and its information to friends and all worldwide visitors. Public access (or limited, adjustable access) to your collectibles will create for you your unique collectors home page. 481 collectors already tracks 530 collections online.


  • Free of charge;
  • Support of all modern browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc);
  • Mobile devices support (iPad, iPhone, HTC etc);
  • Export of the whole collection (everything you have enter, without any restrictions) or its part into several open formats (XML, HTML, CSV etc);
  • Import data using CSV files content (new feature since August 2015);
  • Unlimited number of collections (categories or collection folders) per account;
  • Support of containers to group specific collectibles online (wish list, deleted, for sale etc);
  • Unlimited number of collectibles per collection;
  • Customizable entry of any collectible - you can track so many characteristics for your collectible as you wish;
  • Different field types — 13 different field types bring you unique functionality for the collectible in your collection with single click;
  • Setupable access for your collectibles on different levels (collection, collectible, field);
  • Statistics shown with pie charts, histograms and political maps of the World and continents;
  • Attach images and image links to any collectible (number of images is not limited);
  • 6 different views for collectibles listing.

Planned features

  • Connection with CollectionStudio software;
  • Connection to public catalogue of collectibles for fast addiction into collection and/or for retrieving information about collectible (dimension, history, mintage, material etc);
  • Connection with online auction web sites.

To access CSO you should log in into your account (creation of the new account is free of charge).

CSO: Change Log

Augosto 8, 2015


  • New import feature was added into the CS Online:
    • Supported import formats are CSV (semicolon separator) and CSV (tabulator separator);
    • Ability to disable import of specific column(s);
    • Ability to create or use already existing columns during import;
    • New improvements will be added after your request! ;)
  • Fixed: unable to change specific boolean flags in information tables (fields, containers).

Augosto 3, 2015


  • Fixed: Ability to upload images for collectibles.

Luglio 29, 2015


  • Fixed: do not use in 'statistics by year' collectibles from containers marked as "do not use in statistics".

Decembre 17, 2014


  • Fixed: collection statistics for selected country

Decembre 1, 2013


  • Added Export functionality with 4 different output formats: XML, HTML, CSV (semicolon) and CSV (tab symbols as data divider):
    • XML - was added for automation with CollectionStudio application;
    • HTML - for fast creation of the web pages for your own web site;
    • CSV formats - for processing with MS Office applications etc;