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Collection Studio 4.76

[ l'ultimo release: Maggio 31, 2024 ]

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Collection Studio Online

Collection Studio » CS Online

Online version of the Collection Studio — Collection Studio Online (CSO) is an independent, separate collector's service, which provides you online management of your collections with powerful tools for tracking and displaying collectibles in your browser and at the same time ability to share your collectible list and its information to friends and all worldwide visitors. Public access (or limited, adjustable access) to your collectibles will create for you your unique collectors home page. 481 collectors already tracks 530 collections online.


  • Free of charge;
  • Support of all modern browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc);
  • Mobile devices support (iPad, iPhone, HTC etc);
  • Export of the whole collection (everything you have enter, without any restrictions) or its part into several open formats (XML, HTML, CSV etc);
  • Import data using CSV files content (new feature since August 2015);
  • Unlimited number of collections (categories or collection folders) per account;
  • Support of containers to group specific collectibles online (wish list, deleted, for sale etc);
  • Unlimited number of collectibles per collection;
  • Customizable entry of any collectible - you can track so many characteristics for your collectible as you wish;
  • Different field types — 13 different field types bring you unique functionality for the collectible in your collection with single click;
  • Setupable access for your collectibles on different levels (collection, collectible, field);
  • Statistics shown with pie charts, histograms and political maps of the World and continents;
  • Attach images and image links to any collectible (number of images is not limited);
  • 6 different views for collectibles listing.

Planned features

  • Connection with CollectionStudio software;
  • Connection to public catalogue of collectibles for fast addiction into collection and/or for retrieving information about collectible (dimension, history, mintage, material etc);
  • Connection with online auction web sites.

To access CSO you should log in into your account (creation of the new account is free of charge).

CSO: Change Log

Augosto 8, 2015


  • New import feature was added into the CS Online:
    • Supported import formats are CSV (semicolon separator) and CSV (tabulator separator);
    • Ability to disable import of specific column(s);
    • Ability to create or use already existing columns during import;
    • New improvements will be added after your request! ;)
  • Fixed: unable to change specific boolean flags in information tables (fields, containers).

Augosto 3, 2015


  • Fixed: Ability to upload images for collectibles.

Luglio 29, 2015


  • Fixed: do not use in 'statistics by year' collectibles from containers marked as "do not use in statistics".

Decembre 17, 2014


  • Fixed: collection statistics for selected country

Decembre 1, 2013


  • Added Export functionality with 4 different output formats: XML, HTML, CSV (semicolon) and CSV (tab symbols as data divider):
    • XML - was added for automation with CollectionStudio application;
    • HTML - for fast creation of the web pages for your own web site;
    • CSV formats - for processing with MS Office applications etc;

Ottobre 31, 2013


  • Added median of the year statistics: half of collection is older than this median year and another half is younger.

Settembre 6, 2012


  • Fix: show years with "B.C." during collectible edit; Allow to enter positive years with "B.C.";
  • New field type was added - "Face value" based on "Number" field type in order to specify fave value (number + currency) for banknotes, coins, post marks;
  • New statitstics view was added for countries: collecitble listing in table according to its face value + currency and year. With this table it is easy to see which banknotes or coins are missing in set;
  • Enhance collectible url creation algorithm.

Augosto 29, 2012


  • New design of pie charts was added for all statistics views;
  • New statistics table: by century;
  • Fix: show years with "B.C." if required
  • Show/hide rows without collectibles using check box in statistics by collectible year.

Augosto 27, 2012


  • Small icons and thumbnail views: show "no image" picture for collectibles without images (fix problem: unable to open collectible without image);
  • Statistics by year: enhance data in the view: range is now filled with empty years, pie chart was replaced by histogram.

Maggio 3, 2012


  • Show percent values with 2 digits after point including trailing zeros;
  • Show number of collectibles per country/currency/quality level/contact with complete collectible list.

Gennaio 17, 2012

v.0.14: Fixed: output of the statistics by custom field. New functionality: output country flags in collectible listing and in listing of countries.

Decembre 16, 2011

v.0.13: New functionality was added - containers. It allows you organize more flexible your collections online. There are several types: trash bin, wish list and custom. More specific containers types will be added step by step later.

Novembre 21, 2011

v.0.12: A new 3 different collection views were added: icons with or without details, thumbnails with or without collectible details. Therefore collection can be viewed using 6 different views.

Novembre 11, 2011

v.0.11: An ability to attach images from users' computer to any collectible in collection online was added. This functionality supports thumbnails which are created on the fly for fast image viewing. The image files size is limited to 2 Mb. The thumbnail size is 400x300 pixels. Supported image formats are jpg/jpeg, gif, png, tiff/tif, bmp, emf, wmf, ico. With current policy we provide this functionality without any limits for number of images per collectible, per collection or per user account.

Novembre 7, 2011

v.0.10: A new field type was added - date with auto definition. This field is used for definition of the collectibles create date. Statistics section was expanded with summary information about collection calendar.

Luglio 9, 2011

v.0.9: Collectible entry now supports images, which you can see during collectible edit or in the 'Thumbnail' view. Currently we have supported only external images, and later we will add direct upload of images on our site. A new web form was added for modification of all image properties.

Maggio 23, 2011

CS Online service now automatically calculates collectible title and its unique URL for referencing within collection using collectible template name. It means, for example, having "[index]: [face_value] [currency], [country] ([year])" template for coins, we will get:

  • 1: 5 Zloty, Poland (2011)
  • 2: 1 Cents, United States
  • 3: 5 Cents, United States (2007)
  • etc

Note: You have already probably noticed that second coin has no year information in the collectible title. Using the declared template, the title should be "2: 1 Cents, United States ()". But our smart service cleans the resulting title for your notational convenience. The same functionality was already developed in our CollectionStudio software.

Maggio 17, 2011

CS Online service was translated into German language.

Maggio 4, 2011

Fixed critical error during work with collectible entry.

Novembre 22, 2010

Show colored pie chart for each statistics view.

Novembre 9, 2010

Add default collectible title with its default template.
Add default field list during creation of the new collection.

Ottobre 21, 2010

We have updated Collection Studio Online service and also changed view of the CollectionStudio User Account. Soon we will finish the first official version of the Collection Studio Online, after which you will be able to track your collectibles online, directly in your browser on your computer or any mobile device. Stay tuned!

Settembre 16, 2010

CS Online service was translated into Russian language.

Settembre 3, 2010

List collectibles in the Grid view: So, now you can see your collectible list using three different modes: list, gird and thumbnails.

Augosto 14, 2010

Show collections and list of collectibles in the user account. First simple version of the CSO was lunched for testing.