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[ Data: 31 sierpnia 2018 ]


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Blog: Coin Stacking

31 lipca

Coin Stacking

One of my old friends, old bearded numismatist, said one day, that he “collects that jingle and, Serge, you collect that can be used in toilet :)”. Yeah, it was rather funny! :hummer:

Today, we will talk about what we can advise him to do with his coins! For example, we can advise a coin stacking:

Nickel Spiral.

All stacks of coins were done without any glue. Only the weight of the coins provides the support.

Coin stacking with two span penny bridge.

With a web site you can learn how you can construct Nickel Spiral, Penny Bridge, Two Span Penny Bridge or even Three Span Penny Bridge.

Stacking coins is a worthy hobby it challenges you creativity and your dexterity. What can you do with coins?

Posted by serge, 31 lipca 2009. Post has 0 comments.
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