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Blog: Unknown collector-soldier

6 lipca

Unknown collector-soldier

Collecting as hobby can be born not only via aspiration for an accumulating of all pieces in variety of kind. But in aspiration for imprint the places where you were one day. We have already wrote about Michael Hughes, who has found his own way to do this, using snapshots of souvenirs in front of the original sights. Today, I’ll show an impressive and rare exhibit from local history museum in Grodno (Republic of Belarus). It is a belt of the Nazi soldier.

Click on image to enlarge

The uniqueness of this belt consists in set of different coins sewed on it. There are coins from Poland, France, Hungary, Soviet Russia etc, all countries where was owner – private of the German army, who was captured during WW2 near Baranovichi by Byelorussian guerrilla warfare.

Click on image to enlarge

It is may be only one type of collecting, that should be never happened any more – the war doesn’t a good thing...

Posted by serge, 6 lipca 2009. Post has 1 comments.
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6 lipca 2009 11:40
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Sorry, photos are not so good. They were taken through the glass of the showcase. :(
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