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Blog: U.S. Dollar ReDe$ign

29 maja

U.S. Dollar ReDe$ign

With a new President of United States, Barack Obama, a lot of peoples wait for changes. People say what this country needs is a new vision, a new purpose, something to believe, something to HOPE for, something to CHANGE on a very simple level. Most people already make these small steps for the better future. Between them - Richard Smith, a creative strategy consultant who specializes in transforming brands into wants and desires. He has created a very interested project - "Dollar ReDe$ign Project": It seems so obvious to Richard that the ‘only’ realistic way for a swift economic recovery is through a thorough, in-depth, rebranding scheme – starting with the redesign of the iconic US Dollar – He thinks, "it’s the ‘only’ pragmatic way to add some realistic stimulation into our lives!"

With his web-site he collects good samples of the dollar redesign submitted by his like-minded designers. There are some good works and some not:

These designs are NOT legal tender.

Dennis from Netherlands said: “Before the very ugly Euro was introduced, we had the Dutch Guilder in Holland. This was one of the most beautiful and awarded designs ever produced. Something I miss very much are the Braille symbols the Guilder used, which differentiated each note. The Netherlands was (as far as I know) the only country that used Braille to help the blind better recognize their money more easily. When you redesign the dollar please don’t forget about the disabled people. The illustration shows how the same method used on the Guilder could be applied to the Dollar bill.

Michael Tyznik wrote: "Here are the main ideas in this design: Money and the color green are inextricably intertwined in American culture. I think it'd be a mistake to remove green as the primary color. Instead, each bill has a brightly-colored holographic strip embedded into it which contains the denomination. The width of this strip also changes with the denomination. This introduces an element which makes each bill extremely easy to identify. There is also braille denoting the bills' denomination on the holographic strip".

These designs are NOT legal tender.

The idea of presidents being on money is also intrinsic in American money, and I don't think that should change. One thing I definitely don't want is the government deciding what cultural figures or movements are the most important or "American." Instead, I think the most important politicians should be on money. For the same reason, I put government institutions on the bills, representing each of the branches of government.

In addition, I think one of the most important things about America is our Bill of Rights. I think it is probably the most important information any citizen can have, and for that reason, it is printed on the back of the bills. It is sometimes thought the amendments are listed in order of importance, so it makes sense to have the first ones on the most common bills and the last ones on the less common bills."

Sarah Hills wrote: "In this idea, each note would show something American, something iconic, shot through the number of the bill. It could be iconic buildings, objects, people ... anything which communicates the idea of the 'American Dream'.":

These designs are NOT legal tender.

Let's watch how this idea will go... In God We Trust, In Change We Believe!

Posted by serge, 29 maja 2009. Post has 0 comments.
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