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Blog: Wedding of Charles & Diana coins

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Wedding of Charles & Diana coins

One of the most important events of the 20th century was Prince Charles and Diana Frensis Spencer wedding. It has been connected with the big expectations. Prince Charles, the applicant number one on a royal throne, has received chance to get successors that guaranteed continuation of dynasty Winsors. Diana Frensis Spenser, the daughter of the viscount and viscountess Oltorp became the bride of the prince. Wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spenser has managed to the British treasury in 600 thousand pounds sterling Also it became the most expensive in the British history. In honour of wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spenser London mint made a memorable coin with face value one crone.

England 1 crone 1981. Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

This event was noted by releasing of special coins by countries of the British Commonwealth. The Bahamas in memory of solemn event in a monarchical family of Queen Elizabeth II issued three coins: 10 dollars in silver, 100 and 500 dollars in gold.

Bahamas 1981 Charles & Diana $10 Silver Proof

Bermuda islands put in circulation a memorable dollar.

Princess Diana with Prince Charles on Reverse of 1981 Bermuda 250 Dollar Gold Proof Coin

Jersey rapped out 2 pounds in copper-nickel, silver and gold variants, having supplied coins with inscription: "Royal wedding. On July, 29th 1981".

Reverse of 1981 Jersey Prince Charles & Lady Diana Royal Wedding Gold Proof Two Pound Coin

The Western Samoa state also issued a coin face-value one sisifo.

Western Samoa 1981 Wedding of Charles & Diana $100 Gold Proof Coin.

The Cayman Islands rapped out a gold disk face value in 100 dollars. Cook’s Islands were noted by one dollar. Republic Kiribati with the same five-dollar coin noted 2 years independence and royal wedding. The state Lesotho minted in honour of a memorial a coin face value 250 maloti in gold and platinum. The republic Mauritius embodied a young married couple on a coin face value 100 rupees. On the British island of Maine was made copper-nickel crone with the image of newly-married and a solemn inscription: «Wedding of Its Royal Highness of the prince Welsh and lady Diana Spenser». St. Helena islands and Tristan da Cunha embodied the fact of wedding with 25 pence coin. Turke and Cocos Islands put in circulation a memorable coin face value 100 crones, Fiji - 10 dollars, the Falkland Islands - 50 pence. Jamaica considered minting two coins - on 10 and 25 dollars. Coins there and then became valuable souvenirs. Their complete sets were presented to royal family and a newly-married couple. The others have quickly dispersed on hands of adherents of a monarchy and well-founded collectors.

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