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Collection Studio 4.76

[ Data: 31 maja 2024 ]

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Usability of the CollectionStudio is:

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Features of CS Online


  • Free of charge;
  • Support of all modern browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc);
  • Mobile devices support (iPad, iPhone, HTC etc);
  • Export of the whole collection (everything you have enter, without any restrictions) or its part into several open formats (XML, HTML, CSV etc);
  • Import data using CSV files content (new feature since August 2015);
  • Unlimited number of collections (categories or collection folders) per account;
  • Support of containers to group specific collectibles online (wish list, deleted, for sale etc);
  • Unlimited number of collectibles per collection;
  • Customizable entry of any collectible - you can track so many characteristics for your collectible as you wish;
  • Different field types — different field types bring you unique functionality for the collectible in your collection with single click;
  • Setupable access for your collectibles on different levels (collection, collectible, field);
  • Statistics shown with pie charts, histograms and political maps of the World and continents;
  • Attach images and image links to any collectible (number of images is not limited);
  • 6 different views for collectibles listing.

Planned features

  • Connection with CollectionStudio software (70 %);
  • Connection to public catalogue of collectibles for fast addiction into collection and/or for retrieving information about collectible (dimension, history, mintage, material etc);
  • Connection with online auction web sites.