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[ Data: 31 maja 2024 ]

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Collection of Mucis CD and Vinyl

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28 października 2012 16:13
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It`s possible to create a standard collection for music cd, like the films collection, in the next version?

The standard discs collection don`t have enough fields and don´t contain too much information. I can´t insert information such the nationality of the band, if its a cd or vinyl disc, in case of a vinyl disc i want to insert if its an LP or MP, the rpm, number of musics, year, etc...

Thans, best regards.

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31 października 2012 16:19
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Yes and no.

According to our plans next version will contain an expandable set of pre-created collection configurations which can be easily adjusted by users. All "standard" collection types will be automatically converted into custom collection, and therefore there will be no "standard" collections and no custom collections. Only totally customizable collections. Now, we are working on new data types for customizable collection, that any standard collection can be converted into custom without any lost of already made functionality (modification of the data, statistics view etc)

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