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Collection Studio 4.76

[ Data: 31 maja 2024 ]

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Add more configuration fields?

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21 kwietnia 2012 13:31
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Congratulations for the new version, it`s great. :)

My question is, it`s possible to add more configuration fields in collection options?

Currently, i can configurate 5 fields, but sometimes i need more, so it would be great to have more fields.

It´s possible to introduce an option, to add many fields that you may need?


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16 czerwca 2012 11:54
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Thank you for the proposal. Currently we are working on the new features - that every "standard" collectible will be custom, it means that you will be able to add unlimited number of collectible fields into your collection. This feature is planned for CS 3.66.

In next versions, maybe we will expand this functionlity for other objects: currency, country, quality level and contacts; but for this objects we think it is enouth to have just 5 custom fields, or let's make them 10?! ;)

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