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[ Data: 31 maja 2024 ]

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Primary Key Feild

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18 kwietnia 2011 16:08
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Please can I request a system change so that users are able to insert a Primary Key field for each entry in a collection if they want the collection to use a Primary Key mechanism?

I basically need a Primary Key field which will hold a unique value per entry I insert.

Each time a new entry is entered into a collection the system will hopefully be able to automatically fill in the unique field.

If users would be able to set the pattern of the Primary Key, that would be fantastic.

For example per entry that I create in my collection, the Primary Key field would automatically insert something like:


And where the Alphabetic Characters appear at the front maybe this could be changeable in the Options menu so users can change it to what they would like.

For example in the Options menu you would have something like:-

To set a Primary Key please specify a character pattern that would pre-fix each Key : “………………”

Each Primary Key will use this character pattern immediately followed by numeric characters :

i.e. 01, 02, 03 ………



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25 kwietnia 2011 15:01
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We already have this "Primary Key" field. It is an "Index #" on the "Collection" tab page of the "edit" window. Also, CollectionStudio already supports auto incremented value for this field when new collectible is inserted into collection. So, the question is only about supporting of the desired view for the number filled in this field. The output in the collectible list using some template - ok. But with "Edit" window - it will be rather hard to perform modification of the value using the pattern.

Do you encode information in "FF" characters? Do they change relatively to collectible data or some sub type?

In any case, we will try to enhance our "Index #" in next version more closer to common usage.

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