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[ Data: 31 maja 2024 ]

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Registration benefits

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Our site offers to you ability to register on it. Why it is recommended? Because many site features are available only for registered users. Every registered user:

  • can attach files to own forum messages;
  • can modify own messages to add something or to fix spelling errors;
  • do not asked to enter security code (CAPTCHA) for writing a message, contacting our support service etc.
  • are able to provide (but this is not obligatory) some specific information, like country, website, collecting theme etc. This information can help us to focus on development of most important for our users features;
  • place a link to homesite in their profile;
  • have own nicknames, so nobody can write to forum in their name;

Most of this features are provided only after registration for security reasons. For example, we can't allow to write forum messages to anonymous users without CAPTCHA to avoid spam.

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