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Collection Studio 4.76

[ последний релиз: 31 мая 2024 ]

Collectible and its characteristics



Every collectible contains of unlimited number of user defined fields (of different types) and a set of predefined by CollectionStudio fields. Using this combination you can specify your unique collectible which corresponds all your requirements for collection organisation.

1. Predefined fields

The following characteristics of the collectible are pre-build in Collection Studio:

  • ID in your catalog
  • Storage
  • External number
  • Income date
  • Income from


  • Duplicates

    Number of duplicates

  • Price - shows the price you have paid for given collectible;
  • Catalog price - shows catalog price for given collectible;
  • Purchase comments
  • Images

    unlimited number of images, photos or scans.

  • Barcode

    Barcode data for fast access to the collectible entry using barcode reader;

  • Links

    unlimited number of web links;

  • Quality

    Quality condition.

  • Comments

    notes and comments about given item; See, Comments for more details about work comments.

  • Status

    Status of the collectible: in collection, loaned, lost, private, coming and etc;

2. Supported field types

The following types of field are supported in latest CollectionStudio for collectible definition; You could add unlimited number of fields with the same type:

These fields you could specify in "Options" window.

String single line text;
Signed numbersingle signed number without comma;
Floatssigned number with floating point;
Face valuethe same as Floats, used for grouping with currency field in statistics; Added since CS 4.66;
With this field you can show and edit the value using "1/3", "1/5", "1/12" string etc instead of 0.3333 and 0.2 etc;
During output of the very long face value, such as "500000000 Dinar" additional thin spaces will be added - "500 000 000 Dinar".
Weightsigned number with floating point; Added since CS 4.71;
BooleanYes/no flag;
ComboboxEditable string with drop down list; This drop-down list will be automatically populated by values from corresponding field of all collectibles in current collection. In options window you can specify default field values, which will be available in the drop down list during collectible edit;
MaterialThe same as "Combobox"; Enables "By material" special statistics view. Added since CS 4.71;
Dateindicate date: day, month and year;
Date Plusspecify date (day, month and year) or only year or century in the "Collectible Edit" dialog on the fly;
Period2 dates field: start date and end date; Added since CS 4.66;
CountryCombobox with selection list (without possibility to edit, just to select). When there's a field with Country type you will see additional statistics views;
CurrencyCombobox with selection list (without possibility to edit, just to select). When there's a field with Currency type you will see additional statistics views;
QualityCombobox with selection list (without possibility to edit, just to select). When there's a field with Quality type you will see additional statistics views; Quality states is modified for any collectible on separate tab page in "Collectible Edit" dialog;
YearWhen there is at least one field with Year type, you will see additional statistics views: "By Year", "By Century" and "Without Year";
GPS CoordinateEditable string with set of predefined web links (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps) to show current coordinate on the map;
Since 4.72: New predefined links were added: ACME Mapper Maps-For-Free.
Commentsmulti-line edit area with formatting options, such as bold, italic, colors etc;
Group separatorshows horizontal line on the "Collectible Edit" dialog with text; Added since CS 4.66;
Page separatordivides "Collectible Edit" dialog on several tab pages. Added since CS 4.66.