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Collection Studio 4.75

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Collection options: Fields



This options tab page is used for specifying collectible fields for current collection.

Document Options: Fields
Screenshot of the "Document Options" window with opened "Document Fields" tab page.

Button "Add"Add a new field
Button "Delete"Delete currently selected field; Prompts to cancel action.
Button "Up"Move field in the list up; It changes default columns sequence and changes the sequence of fields in the "Collectible Edit" dialog.
Button "Down"Move field in the list down; See details of the Button "Up".
Button "Load"Load collection structure from the file. Prompt to cancel action. During load, current collection setup and all collectibles will be removed. Used file extension: *.csds.
Button "Save"Save collection structure into the file. File extension: *.csds.

note Note:  You do not need to save collection structure for currently opened collection, while all information is stored in *.COL file; The functionality for saving structure of the collection is used to created a new collection with structure based on already created collection, without manual retyping field list and fields properties.

TitleName of the field; Will be used in the "Collectible Edit" dialog, in the header of the columns in the main list etc
TypeSpecify the type of the field data and its appearance;Following field types are available:
  • String - single line text;
  • Signed number - single signed number without comma;
  • Floats - signed number with floating point;
  • Face value - the same as Floats, used for grouping with currency field in statistics; Added since CS 4.66;

    With this field you can show and edit the value using "1/3", "1/5", "1/12" string etc instead of 0.3333 and 0.2 etc;

  • Boolean - Yes/no flag;
  • Combobox - Editable string with drop down list; This drop-down list will be automatically populated by values from corresponding field of all collectibles in current collection.
  • Date - indicate date: day, month and year;
  • Date/Year/Century - specify date (day, month and year) or only year or century;
  • Period - 2 dates field: start date and end date; Added since CS 4.66;
  • Country - Combobox with selection list (without possibility to edit, just to select). When there's a field with Country type you will see additional statistics views;
  • Currency - Combobox with selection list (without possibility to edit, just to select). When there's a field with Currency type you will see additional statistics views;
  • Quality - Combobox with selection list (without possibility to edit, just to select). When there's a field with Quality type you will see additional statistics views; Quality states is modified for any collectible on separate tab page in "Collectible Edit" dialog;
  • Year - When there is at least one field with Year type, you will see additional statistics views: "By Year", "By Century" and "Without Year";
  • GPS Coordinate - Editable string with set of predefined web links (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps) to show current coordinate on the map;
  • Comments - multi-line edit area with formatting options, such as bold, italic, colors etc;
  • Group separator - shows horizontal line on the "Collectible Edit" dialog with text; Added since CS 4.66;
  • Page separator - divides "Collectible Edit" dialog on several tab pages. Added since CS 4.66.
TagName of the tag, which will be used in following situations:
  • During export/import into XML or SQL file;
  • During run of any plug-in, because all of them use XML to pass collectible data;
  • In the template view;
  • During creation of the collectible title using its template;
Default valuesList of default values which will be available in drop down list; Currently this list is used only for Combobox field type.
Added since CS 4.66;
ActionsList of actions, separated with line feed. To start a new line press Ctrl+Enter. Each action has following format: "caption"="url"

For example:

Google Maps=http://maps.google.com/maps?q=[value]
Yahoo Maps=http://maps.yahoo.com/?q1=[value]

Here [value] is alias for tag. So, you can use [tag] or [value].

If there are more than 1 action in the list, a button with drop-down menu will be added for the field on the "Edit" dialog. For the example, provided above the this control will look like this:

Edit window with opened custom fields tab page

To place a separator into the menu, just add an additional line in desired position for separator with "Separator" word in it.

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