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Collection Studio 4.76

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Collectible Title



Collectible title is identifier in your collection which exactly and unique points to specific collectible; For coins, for example, the title should contain currency and face value, country and emission year; This collectible title is used in following situation in CollectionStudio:

  • As title of the "Collectible Edit" window
  • In the listing for specific country/currency/quality/contact item
  • In statistics section for identifying most expensive collectibles, youngest and old etc
  • In statistics section for particular combination: collectible field and its value
  • In main bar when you select the collectible;
  • During export into several specific output formats
  • During search: you can specify exactly "5 Grosh, Poland (1967)" and you will get an exact match as a result.
  • etc

Specifying collectible title

With CollectionStudio you do not need to manually add the collectible title. Instead you just specify characteristics of your collectible in the "Collectible Edit" window. All the rest will be done automatically for you by the program. And you are just provided with easy possibility to adjust to your needs the template of the collectible title in the Collection Option window, General settings:

Collection Option window: General settings

For coins, for example, the default value is:
#[index] [face value] [currency], [country] ([year])

For any collectible, you can use a lot of predefined tags to expand information of the collectible in its title. Also you can use your all tags of your collectible fields, surrounded with square braces. For better performance, all template names should be in lower case.

For example, if you have a field "City", CollectionStudio will automatically create for this field following properties:

  • Title: "City" - will be displayed in the "Edit" window;
  • Tag: "city" - will be used in export/import etc;

You can change them as you wish:

  • Title: "&Nearest City" - will be displayed as "Nearest City"
  • Tag: "City_Tag";
  • And then adjust collectible title template: #[index] [name], [country] ([city_tag])
  • or #[index] [city_tag], [name]


  • #[index] [title]
  • #[index] [face value] [currency], [country] ([year])
  • #[index] [material], [area], [country]
  • #[index] "[title]", [author] ([year])
Template Values Collectible title
#[index] [face value] [currency], [country] ([year]) index = 150
face value = 100
currency = USD
country = USA
year = 2015
#150 100 USD, USA (2015)
index = 150
face value = 100
currency = USD
country = USA
year =
#150 100 USD, USA
index = 150
face value = 100
currency = USD
country =
year = 2015
#150 100 USD (2015)