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Collection Studio 4.76

[ последний релиз: 31 мая 2024 ]

Hot Keys - Keyboard Shortcuts



This is a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts in Collection Studio.

F1Open help window.
Pressing F1 on any screen brings up help and displays the appropriate help topic.
F2View/change information about currently selected item.
F6Switch keyboard focus between collection tree view and collection list view.
F9Open "Options" window for current CS Document.
F10Set focus to the main menu of Collection Studio.
F11Toggle between full-screen and regular view of the main Collection List or Gallery.
F12Open Collection Studio settings window.
Ctrl + DDuplicate collectible item's information into new entry. Automatically opens "Edit Collectible Item" window.
Ctrl + KView / change comments for selected item.
Ctrl + LOpen URL link in the Web Browser.
Ctrl + MMove selected collectible into container.
Ctrl + NCreate a new Collection Studio document.
Ctrl + OOpen an existing Collection Studio document.
Ctrl + SSave the active Collection Studio document.
Ctrl + PPrint the active view of the opened collection.
Ctrl + FSearch in your collection items that match search query.
Ctrl + WGet from web; Retrieves information about selected collectible from the web (collectiostudio.com web site).
Ctrl + 1Add new entry about new collectible in your collection.
Ctrl + 2Add new currency.
Ctrl + 3Add new country.
Ctrl + 4Add new quality level.
Ctrl + 5Add new contact.
Ctrl + DelDelete selected item.
EnterView/change information about selected item.
Alt + F4Quit the application; prompts to save Collection Studio Document.
Alt + 1Switch to "Collection" view.
Alt + 2Switch to "Currencies" view.
Alt + 3Switch to "Countries" view.
Alt + 4Switch to "Quality levels" view.
Alt + 5Switch to "Contact" view.
Shif + F6Switch keyboard focus between collection tree view and collection list view.