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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]

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Missing Column

Bill Corser
October 28, 2016 19:33
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I've used CS for a couple of years. Some time after I set up the collection view with column names I added a new column, and was able to see it in the individual item view, so that I could enter that bit of information for each new item as it came into my collection.

I recently bought a new computer and paid for and downloaded the latest version of CS, then imported my collection data. The collection view still shows the new column, but the individual item view does not, so I can't enter the relevant info for new items. The options view shows the new column with a tick - if I untick it, the column won't appear in the collection view, then when I tick it again it appears, but I still don't get it in the item view.

Is there any way I can get this column to behave as it used to do? If I create a new column that also doesn't appear in the item view.

Bill Corser

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