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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]

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Import data into Collection Studio

Collection Studio » Import data into Collection Studio

Processes: manual import into CollectionStudioCollection Studio supports import functionality. It allows you easily and fast import all your collection data into application. Currently we support CSV, XML, ASCII Text File import formats. How it works and which simple 3 steps you should did to import your collection was described in our Collection Studio Help file in the article "Import tool".

If you have questions or some troubles during importing of your collectibles into collection, you can ask our developers on our forums or just to write a simple message using contact form or by e-mail. We will try to answer in 24 hours.

From other side, if:

  • collection was organized in a bad way to make the automatic import, or
  • the data is corrupted or even
  • the data was not structured jet,
we can help you in all these situations too.

The price for this service is rather low: $5 per 100 collectibles.

For complex and not structured data we can make higher coefficient for each 100 of collectibles ($10, $15 or even higher). The formula remains the same: CoefficientComplexity * Collectiblesin hundreds. This increase of coefficient is determined only according to how much manually data should be imported, converted and/or adjusted.

Restriction for materials

  • All materials should be digital and in text mode;
  • Ability to show data using freeware tools or applications;
  • The collectible delimiter used in files should be understandable for human;
  • Data for import should not contain any information prohibited by international law;
  • Data should be verified at first by our team, to determine can we import it or not;
  • After verification, we will reply you with coefficient of the complexity.

Send data for verification

In order to send data to our e-mail address please attach sample materials to your e-mail. There is no necessary to send all your data at first - just a sample that will help us to determine coefficient of the complexity. Then having a replay from our team, you should complete "Order form" below and send all materials to import.

Order import into CollectionStudio

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