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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]

Movie Characteristics

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Movies - supported collectible of the Collection Studio

Supported fields

The following characteristics of movies are available in the Collection Studio:

  • Title
  • Original Title
  • ID in your collection (catalog)
  • External number
  • Budget
  • Runtime
  • Composer
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Country - List contains known countries after 1888, when first motion picture film was shot.
  • Year
  • Genre - A genre is simply a categorization of certain types of art based upon their style, form, or content. Most of movies can easily be described with certain umbrella terms, such as Westerns, dramas, or comedies. Of course, some films can't be described using such terms, so realize that these are generalizations.
  • Language
  • Flag: colored or not
  • Storage
  • Income date
  • Income from (donator)
  • Number of duplicates
  • Price
  • Catalog price - shows catalog price for given item;
  • Purchasing comments
  • Barcode - Barcode data for fast access to the collectible entry using barcode reader;
  • Links - unlimited number of web links;
  • Images - unlimited number of images, photos or scans.
  • Quality condition of the movie
  • Comments - notes and comments about given movie; See, Comments for more details about work comments.
  • Status - status of the collectible: in collection, loaned, lost, private, coming and etc;

Notes about movies collectible in Collection Studio Note:  Additionally, you can log 5 independent characteristics for all movies in collection. To setup titles for them, open "Options" dialog.

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