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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]


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Before contacting

Before contacting us, please take the following steps:

  1. Look through Help file: it may already contain the answer to your question. It can be found in the same folder as our program in your start menu.
  2. Check the version of the Collection Studio on our site Open link in new window. If you haven't got the latest release, please go to our download page Open link in new window and install the current release.

Writing e-mail

e-mail envelopeIf it doesn't help you should inform us about the following:

  1. Your order ID (if you're a registered user). Priority support is provided for registered users.
  2. Program version (from "About" dialog).
  3. Windows version, US or international.
  4. Computer information: CPU type and speed, installed memory.
  5. Full description of the error or fault, the process that you did, the error that occurred, and the resulting message plus any other information you feel is relevant (as much information as possible to reproduce the problem).

envelope  Send the e-mail to We are happy to assist you in any way. Please expect a response within 72 hours.

envelope  If you have any comments or suggestions for future releases, please don't hesitate to send them to us