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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]



Links/DesignArticle Ron Wise's World Paper Money

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Links/DesignArticle Das Informationsnetz fur Sammeln, Freizeit und Hobby

Links/DesignArticle Paper Money Beauty
Paper money is often beautiful stuff. While it is legal tender we scarcely notice it - only what it represents. But old banknotes often have great beauty - some of the finest engraving you are likely to see anywhere - in technicolour. Add to that the transparency of paper and watermarks and the patina of age ... (65 photos)

Links/DesignArticle Million Dollar Babies - The Banknotes of Hyperinflation
This website contains images of high denomination banknotes from personal collection that were issued during periods of hyperinflation. There is a wide variety of notes from different times and countries, all of them both beautiful and tragic.

The vast majority of the hyperinflation banknotes shown here are German "Notgeld" notes from 1923.

There are over ONE THOUSAND banknotes to view - from over 950 different issuing authorities.

Links/DesignArticle RealBanknotes Paper Money Collecting
Interesting facts about paper money and about collecting of paper money in the blog "RealBanknotes Paper Money Collecting" are described using banknotes from all of the world. The blog is updated regularly, up to 5 times in week.

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