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Collection Studio 4.76

[ l'ultimo release: Maggio 31, 2024 ]

Tool "Find"

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The "Search" window provides various Collection Studio possibilities to find out appropriate items in your collection.

'Search' window of the Collection Studio

KeywordProvides a space for you to specify the search query. Also you can use the drop-down list of previous search queries. Last used keywords for search are drawn in the top of the popup list.
Look in collectionCheck if you want make search in your collectibles items (coins, banknotes etc)
Look in currencies listCheck if you want make search in currencies
Look in countries listCheck if you want make search in countries
Look in quality levels listCheck if you want make search in quality levels
Look in contact listCheck if you want make search in contacts
Match caseSelect this checkbox to find only the text strings that exactly match the case of the characters in the Keyword query. Otherwise, the command finds strings with either uppercase or lowercase characters that match the characters in the Keyword query.

note Note:  All checkmarks and queries are automatically saved after pressing "Find" button, providing to you more easy usage of Collection Studio "Find" tool.

Advanced search options

Clearing search history

In order to clear search history you should specify "-clear-history" command (without quotes) in the Keyword field and press Find button.

System settings

In spite of using "Settings" window, you can apply the following additional settings to setup CollectionStudio. These settings can be set only using RegEdit standard Windows® application for the following section in registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\Collection Studio\

VariableDescriptionDefault state/value
ToolSearch/EnableHintsEnable/disable additional hints for suggestion during typing search string in Keyword field of the Find tool. The following titles will be added: country names, currencies, quality levels and contacts.On

Show complete list of system settings available in CollectionStudio.

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