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Collection Studio 4.72

[ l'ultimo release: Marzo 31, 2016 ]

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Che cosa c'e' di nuovo Collection Studio 3.51 / Dec 20, 2008

Newly added featureList:
  • Ability to filter displayed rows in the list was added;
  • Support for 8 mathematical operations for filtration;
  • Hold selection on sort;
  • Fix sort procedure;
  • Save columns settings for each view in CS Document.
Newly added featureCollectible: A new field was added - collectible status as a part of the loan management in CS. A new tab with collectible history was added.
Newly added featureCustom collectibles: A new field type "Year" was added.
Newly added featureMultilingual support: New localizations were added:
  • Turkish flag Turkish language (thanks to Ali Koc, an editor of an important download Turkish website -;
  • Italian flag Italian language (thanks to De Profundis Rebecchino);
  • Hungarian flag Hungarian localization (thanks to Mr. Peter Palla);
  • Update of the Polish flag Polish localization (thanks to Duszkiewicz Krzysztof);
  • Update of the Lithuanian flag Lithuanian localization (tahnks to Laurius Vaitkevicius).
Newly added featureUpdate: A Web Update feature was added for automatical CollectionStudio update checking according current user setup.
Newly added featureImport:
  • Support of the "Auto-detect" input file format was added;
  • Support of the Tab-separated text file (extension: txt) was added;
  • Visualisation: Empty data columns are not shown in the import list;
  • Auto-detect of the column type was added for following types of fields: country, currency name, donator, quality state and for face value field;
  • "Income date" field now can be imported in several date formats, such as yyyy-mm-dd,, etc or using unix date format;
  • Statistics about imported data was enhanced.
Changed, reviewed, modified featureExport: Add support for special symbols in fields during export into CSV file format.
Changed, reviewed, modified featureImages: Speed of images loading was increased.
Changed, reviewed, modified featureDates Calculator: A new Dates Calculator 3.0.3 was included into this build.
Changed, reviewed, modified featureCountry flags:
  • A new list of country names was added to set correct flag using in-built icon database;
  • Possibility to switch between these lists was added.
Changed, reviewed, modified featureStatistics: New columns: "Price" and "Catalog Price" were added for several statistics view (Suggested by tamako).
One of the reported errors or bugs was fixedPlugins: Fix work with face value of the collectible during run of plugin.
One of the reported errors or bugs was fixedMinor bug fixing.



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