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Collection Studio 4.76

[ последний релиз: 31 мая 2024 ]




The "Toolbar" window provides quick buttons for main operations.

You can show or hide toolbar using "View" menu. Visibility state of the toolbar is automatically loaded at Collection Studio start-up.

The "Toolbar" window
Collection Studio Toolbar.


The following commands appear in toolbars:

'New' button New
Hot key: Ctrl+N
Create a new Collection Studio Document.
'File Open' button Open
Hot key: Ctrl+O
Open an existing Collection Studio document.
'Save' button Save
Hot key: Ctrl+S
Save the active Collection Studio Document.
'Print' button Print
Hot key: Ctrl+P
Print the active view of the opened collection. Read about "Print tool".
'Save View As' button Save view Save the active view of the opened Collection Studio document into the file with specified format (it can be ASCII text file, HTML file or other).
'Find' button Find
Hot key: Ctrl+F
Search in the whole collection (collectibles, countries, currencies, quality levels) that match search query.
'Statistics View' button Statistics View Switch to "Collection Statistics" view.
'Add collectible' button Add collectible
Hot key: Ctrl+1
Add new collectible item in current collection.
'Edit' button Edit
Hot key: Enter
View/change information about selected item.
'Comments' button Comments View/change comments for selected item.
'Ited Delete' button Delete
Hot key: Ctrl+Del
Delete selected item.
'Export' button Export Exports information about all items in collection into the file using Collection Studio "Export Tool". Supported file formats are: XML, CSV, TXT, XLS, SQL etc.
'Import' button Import Imports information from the file about new collection items. Supported file formats are: XML. Read about "Import tool".
'Settings' button Settings
Hot key: F12
Open "Collection Studio Settings" dialog to view and/or change program's settings.
'Help' button Help View Collection Studio help.

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