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[ release date: August 31, 2018 ]


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Developers' Blog

January 19

Unicode symbols

On one software catalog site in Chine I have found a small description of our product: Collection Studio 是一款收藏记录软件,可以帮你记录你的收藏品的信息,并通过不同的视图来显示你所有或部分收藏品的特点。(共享软件). I hope there goes only positive remarks :)

But browsing that site, I thought about one small problem - CollectionStudio has no support of Unicode symbols, therefore we have no interface translation on Chinese nor in Persian or in Arabic language. Further more it is not so easy to use mixed language characters in document on PC with different installed or selected interface language. This makes inconvenience for many of our users. I believe that we will change this situation may be not in next version, but during this year for sure.

Stay tuned.

Posted by serge, January 19, 2010. Post has 2 comments.
Chinese language unicode


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