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Collection Studio 4.75

[ release date: August 31, 2018 ]

Stamp Characteristics

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stampA postage stamp is evidence of pre-paying a fee for postal services. Usually a small paper rectangle which is attached to an envelope, signifying that the person sending the letter or package has paid for delivery, it is the most popular alternative to using a prepaid-postage envelope.

Stamps have been issued in other shapes, including circular, triangular and pentagonal. Sierra Leone and Tonga have issued self-adhesive stamps in the shape of fruit, Bhutan has issued a stamp with its national anthem on a playable record, etc. Stamps have also been made of materials other than paper, commonly embossed foil (sometimes of gold); Switzerland made a stamp partly out of lace and one out of wood, the United States produced one made of plastic, and the German Democratic Republic once issued a stamp made entirely of synthetic chemicals. In the Netherlands a stamp was issued made of silver foil.

Supported fields

The following characteristics of stamps are available in the Collection Studio:

  • ID in your collection (catalog)
  • Face value (nominal)
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Emission year
  • In Souvenir Sheet flag - A souvenir sheet or miniature sheet is a small group of postage stamps still attached in the sheet where they were printed. They may be either regular issues that just happen to be printed in small groups (typical of many early stamps), or special issues often commemorating some event, such as a national anniversary, philatelic exhibition, or government program. The number of stamps ranges from one to about 25; larger sheets of stamps are simply called "sheets" with no qualifier.
  • Topic - category of stamps such as "Trains", "Flowers" etc; /Added in CS.1.36/
  • Postmark - postmark location (city/country) if any; /Added in CS.1.36/
  • Storage
  • External number
  • Income date
  • Income from (donator)
  • Number of duplicates
  • Postmark (location, city/country)
  • Category (Topic)
  • Price - shows the price you have paid for given stamp;
  • Catalog price - shows catalog price for given postage stamp;
  • Purchasing comments
  • Barcode - Barcode data for fast access to the collectible entry using barcode reader;
  • Links - unlimited number of web links;
  • Images - unlimited number of images, photos or scans.
  • Comments - notes and comments about given stmap; See, Comments for more details about work comments.
  • Status - status of the collectible: in collection, loaned, lost, private, coming and etc;

note Note:  Additionally, you can log 5 independent characteristics for all stamps information. To setup titles for them, open "Options" dialog.

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