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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]

Settings: Web Update

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The Web Update feature in Collection Studio enables you to configure Collection Studio to check the official web site periodically for updates to released products and preview versions of future products. The controls in this window enable you to control how, or if, Collection Studio will perform these checks.

Prompt before checking for updatesCheck this option if you would like Collection Studio to prompt you before connecting to the S&S Royal Limited web site to look for updates ( At each checking interval you will be given an opportunity to cancel the update check until the next scheduled interval (as specified in the Frequency control below). If you turn this option off, Collection Studio will silently connect to the S&S Royal Limited web site at each checking interval. You will only be notified that this has happened if there are updates available or if an error occurs during the checking process.
FrequencyChange the value of this control to change the frequency with which Collection Studio will check the S&S Royal Limited web site for product updates. You can prevent Collection Studio from performing any automatic update checking by selecting the Manual option from the drop-down list. In this event, you can use the Check Now button in this window, or the Check for Updates command in the Help menu to perform a manual check for updates.
Check NowClick this button to check the web site for product updates now. When update checker is already running this button is automatically disabled and animation is shown.

About web updates

When Collection Studio checks for product updates, it will not use any private data or information (such as registration number and registration name).

If new versions are found, a window will be displayed containing a brief description of the most recent update to each product. You can use this window to go directly to the Collection Studio Product Updates web page and find out more about each update and download any that you are interested in. Note that Collection Studio will never automatically download and install any software on your machine.

Collection Studio will use the Internet connection settings that you have defined for use by Internet Explorer. If you are using a computer that does not have a version of Internet Explorer installed, then it is possible that Collection Studio will not be able to connect to the S&S Royal Limited web site.

All changes you have made on settings in this dialog will be automatically saved after pressing OK button.

Feature since CS 3.51.

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