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Book collecting

Books collectionBook collecting is what it sounds like, the collecting of books. While many book lovers (bibliophiles) accumulate volumes for a personal library, the serious book collector is interested in the physical books themselves, not just their content. For instance, many collectors seek out first editions of books, or acquire copies of every work written by a particular author or on a particular subject.

Basic collecting is quite easy; there are billions of books in the world, and thousands of bookstores, both physical and virtual (Internet). There is an active market in all types of works, going all the way back to illuminated manuscripts. While manuscript books are all expensive, even incunabula (books printed in the 15th century) can be found for several hundred US dollars, and century-old books often cost under ten dollars.

Some inexpensive collectible booksAdvanced collectors may pursue the great rarities; the Gutenberg Bible and Shakespeare's First Folio are famous, and pricey. Unusual items include the "book" of squares of native textiles brought back from the South Seas by Captain Cook. More practical for the collector of average means is to collect all the first editions of a favorite modern author.

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