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Collection Studio 4.76

[ Data: 31 maja 2024 ]

Interface Languages

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Every author of a new Language File gets
a free license for Collection Studio!


Menu View: select interface language in Collection Studio The multi-language interface of Collection Studio has become available from version 2.40. English is the default language, and an unlimited number of other languages may be added.

Collection Studio uses Language Files (*.lng - files). These files (English.lng, French.lng, Russian.lng, ...) are situated in directory where the program has been installed. It is text files containing strings with user's interface in different languages. For translating any special knowledge isn't needed. That's why you can translate lng-file into your native language and use it with Collection Studio.

How to translate LNG files?

We are very grateful you for your interest in our software translation.

The LNG file is rather a big file. Its volume is above 15 Kbytes. So from the first sight it might to be hard to translate it. But it's wrong. Approximately half of the information in LNG file should be NOT translated to make our program understand which string is should be used for particular situation!

For creating a new lng-file, or editing an old one you can use any file editor, for example NotePad.

Follow the rules, and you'll understand that it's easy:

  • Do not translate strings in the square brackets ([]).
  • Do not translate strings before the first '=' sign.
  • Do not remove or append any new special sub-strings (for example '%%', '%d', '%2d', '%s', '\n', '\t' and etc).
  • Do not translate strings after '#' sign - it is comments for editor.
  • Translate only words and phrases in each file-line starting after the first '=' sign.
  • (optional) Place the '&' sign in the strings to have a possibility to reach a menu item using the Alt key.
  • Try to keep original length of the string. It means that you shouldn't do it if translated string is 3 or 4 times larger than original.
  • Save the file as 'YourLanguage.lng' in the same folder as Collection Studio.
  • After translating check you lng-file using the program. To do this, select your language in the program in Main Menu: View > Interface Language and verify that all strings are translated and their length is acceptable.
  • If you wish, you can write down an lng-file information in the first section (Description): name of the language, version, date when the last changes were made, your name and your e-mail address. If you provide us an URL with your home page, it will be placed on this page (in Collection Studio Help File, and on our web-site in the section "Online Collection Studio Help File").
  • If you made several changes in currently selected lng file in CS, you should restart the application in order the changes take effect.


String 'AAA' - is an original string (in the base language);
String 'BBB' - is a translated string;

Source part of the lng-file:


Translated this part should be:


Statistics View

Current translation of the main statistics view is done using additional language file. It is placed in the sub folder "Stats" with corresponding filename. So, for example, if you set Collection Studio Interface language as Poland (Poland.lng) the Poland.htm will be used for statistics. If no such file, English.htm (default one) will be used.

Files for translation

In spite of to get free license for CollectionStudio you should translate only English.lng file, the following files could be also translated to have application totally available in your language:

  • /Lng/English.lng
  • /Stats/English.htm
  • /Statuses/English.dat
  • /Prices/English.txt
  • /Collectibles/English/ - a set of csds files (only collectible titles and used field names should be translated)