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20 октября

Once in United States

Posted by andrew, 20 октября 2011. Post has 0 comments.
banknote dollar United States


22 сентября

World of beetles

Spotted at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Apparently the curator of Entomology has a sense of humour.

Posted by andrew, 22 сентября 2011. Post has 0 comments.
Cleveland collection museum Ohio United States


21 декабря

Currency exchange

Posted by andrew, 21 декабря 2010. Post has 0 comments.
Banknotes currency


23 сентября


Posted by andrew, 23 сентября 2010. Post has 0 comments.
fun hobby


2 сентября

I've Finally Caught all the Pokemon

I've Finally Caught all the Pokemon

Posted by andrew, 2 сентября 2010. Post has 0 comments.
humor Pokemon


19 февраля

Happy or not? (Chinese version)

China command was always very strong on all Olympic games and we not sure that Chinese leader is happy or not for current medal counts (2 gold, 1 silver award and one bronze):

20 Chinese renminbi yuan (¥) banknote (CNY).

By the way, the distinction between yuan and renminbi is analogous to that between the pound and sterling. Renminbi (simplified Chinese: 人民币; traditional Chinese: 人民幣) translates as people's currency.

Posted by serge, 19 февраля 2010. Post has 0 comments.
award China medals Olympic Games yuan


17 февраля

Happy or not?

While South Korea has won only four medals (3 gold, and one silver), North Korea has not won anything yet. I do not know whether happy Kim Jong Il the victories of one half of the Korean people, or not?!

Tow bones of 100 North Korean won (₩) (KPW) issued by the Central Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Posted by serge, 17 февраля 2010. Post has 0 comments.
Korea medals Olympic Games won


16 декабря

M.D. and collecting hobby

M.D. House Doctor Petrenko has rare hobby. Over the years, he collects the last words of his patients. :)

Posted by serge, 16 декабря 2009. Post has 0 comments.
collector funny


10 декабря

Collectors wheels

Do you have the same wheels on your car? No! - you're not true collector!

Posted by serge, 10 декабря 2009. Post has 0 comments.
art banknote cars coins


17 ноября

Numismatics dreams

Today, in the forest, I hit my foot against a half-buried metal thing. I dig into the ground and find a beautiful box, heavy enough not to be empty. I already imagine myself with gold coins. It's the corpse of a dead cat. © fmylife.com

Posted by serge, 17 ноября 2009. Post has 0 comments.
coins funny gold treasure


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