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Collection Studio 4.76

[ последний релиз: 31 мая 2024 ]

Settings: System Misc. Settings



In spite of using "Settings" window, you can apply the following additional settings to setup CollectionStudio. These settings can be set only using RegEdit standard Windows® application for the following section in registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CollectionStudio.com\Collection Studio\

VariableDescriptionDefault state/value
Language/ShowAsteriksEnable/disable output of the asterik symbols for not translated strings loaded from lng file.off
Settings.Quality/MakeBoldUsedQualityDraw titles of used quality states in bold ("Collectible Edit" dialog).off
Settings.Quality/HigherMarkIsBestHigher quality mark is better than lower one. This is used to determine icon of the quality state in "Collectible Edit" dialog.true
Settings/AddDefaultDiscTypeShow default list of disc type on disc "Edit" dialog.true
Settings/AddDefaultDiscCapacityShow default list of disc capacity on disc "Edit" dialog.true
Settings/AddDefaultBookLanguagesShow default list of languages on book "Edit" dialog.true
Settings/AddDefaultMovieLanguagesShow default list of languages on movie "Edit" dialog.true
Settings/AddDefaultMovieGenresShow default list of genres on movie "Edit" dialog.true
Settings/AddDefaultAwardTypesShow default list of award types on award "Edit" dialog.true
Settings/AddDefaultAwardCategoriesShow default list of award categories on award "Edit" dialog.true
Settings/UseComboBoxImgUse combo box with images for countries/currencies during editing of the collectible. Elsewhere an edit control with drop down list will be used (in this case you are able to add new country/currency directly from the Collectible edit window). Added since 4.71.false
TemplateView/SortFieldsByNameSort "All fields" and "Non empty fields" listings in "Template View" tool ascending elsewhere listing will be build without sort.true
Settings.List/ColumnResizeChangeDocResize of the column, or changes in columns order will be considered as modification of the CS Document. Only when CS Document was modified, you can save you document.false
Settings.List.Filter/MinRowsToGroupMinimal number of rows in list of values to enable grouping by first letters during selection of the value in the list filter.30
Settings.Container/AutoSelectNewAuto select new container in the Collection Tree.true
Settings.View/ConvertFractionalFaceValuesConvert fractional face value of the banknote/coin. For example: 0.5 will be converted into 1/2. true
ToolSearch/EnableHintsEnable/disable additional hints for suggestion during typing search string in Keyword field of the Find tool. The following titles will be added: country names, currencies, quality levels and contacts.On
Settings/Duplicate.AutoSelectAuto-select duplicated collectible.On
Settings/Duplicate.AutoOpenAuto-open "Edit" dialog for duplicated collectible, when it is created during "Duplicate" command. If this property is switched ON, value of the property "Settings/Duplicate.AutoSelect" will be ignored (ON will be used).On
Settings/Collectible.AutoOpenOnCreateAuto-select in the main list just created collectible.Off
Images/ResampleModeIndex of the algorithm to be used during image resample:
  1. Nearest pixel (image will be not smooth but output will be done very fast);
  2. Bicubic interpolation (accurate image);
  3. Bilinear interpolation (most smoother image output).
Images/ResampleMode.ThumbnailIndex of the resample algorithm to be used during output of the image thumbnail in "View using" tool:
  1. Disable generation of the thumbnail. In this case Internet Explorer will resize the image by itself (image will be not smooth in most cases);
  2. Nearest pixel (image will be not smooth);
  3. Bicubic interpolation (accurate image);
  4. Bilinear interpolation (most smoother image output).
Histogram/MinRangeToTruncateYearsMinimal number of years in range to be drawn in histogram to show reduced equivalent of year value (for example "'13" instead of "2013"). It allows to avoid overlapping of item captions in histogram.20
Automation/show_fields_options_for_empty_collectionOpen "Fields option" dialog at program start up if collection is emptyOn
Export/DateFormat.XmlDate format for date fields data during export into XML.%d.%m.%Y
Export/DateFormat.XlsDate format for date fields data during export into XLS.%d.%m.%Y
Export/DateFormat.CsvDate format for date fields data during export into CSV.%d.%m.%Y
Import/ImportImagesAutomatically import collectible images from XML file.true
Import/ImportLinksAutomatically import collectible links from XML file.true
Import/ImportAttachmentsAutomatically import collectible attachments from XML file.true
Statistics/DefaultCurrencyDefault currency for calculation collection price, when user did not select the display currency into which convert all prices; see Settings: Miscellaneous SettingsUSD
Map/Gradient.StepsSpecifies number of different colors to be used for filling of countries on the map with specific number of collectibles.100
Map/Gradient.ColorStartSpecifies the color for the country on the map with minimal number of collectibles inside selected countries group. All other countries that have more collectibles will be shown with darker color.58a6d8 (Hexadecimal, RGB) or 5809880 (Decimal, RGB)
Map/Gradient.ColorEndSpecifies the color for the country on the map with maximal number of collectibles inside selected countries group. All other countries that have less collectibles will be shown with lighter color.2137dc (Hexadecimal, RGB) or 2176988 (Decimal, RGB)

To write "On" or "true" state you should place "1" number in the appropriate property, to write "Off" or "false" state - "0".

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