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Blog: Why do we collect banknotes?

November 11

Why do we collect banknotes?

Here is an opinion of the one banknote collector on the blog.realbanknotes.com:

"My name is om007 and from time to time i will contribute to this very interesting blog... I once found a Roman coin in the wild and i must admit it was quite a thrill but i do find coins quite limiting in terms of size, colors, motifs, information.

Here is a picture with my biggest (Russia 1912), a current 10 Swiss Francs and my smallest banknote (Morocco 1944). I must have all the sizes in between."

"Every note is full of faces or historical places, celebrities or weird symbol. As Proteus does for each note, there is always a lot to search and discover in the fine prints, small differences, historical references. The materials used are also quite different... From rough cardboard to polymer and all the changing quality of papers... From one-sided to multi-layer security and hologram. A lot of banknotes also have been used to doodle, write, annotate or share info with the next person to receive it... All this makes the Banknotes collection much more appealing to me than a pure Coin collection..."

Original was posted on blog.realbanknotes.com.

Posted by andrew, 11 November 2010. Post has 2 comments.
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10 Dezember 2010 14:45
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hi !

i just saw this website this morning it is a great site a lot of selection over there:

<a href="http://www.globalbanknotesandcoins.com/">world paper money</a>

good luck


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13 Dezember 2010 08:35
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Thank you, for the link, but it is enough to place your link in "Links" section.
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