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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]

Collection Studio Document Options: Remote web account

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"Remote Database (catalogue)" functionality was introduced in CS v.3.59 and not jet finished.

Your opinion about this functionality is very important for us!

Please, write your suggestions or comments using "Contact" form or on our Forums.

Thank you in advance. Your CS Team.

Remote Web Account tab
Screenshot of the "Document Options" window with opened "Remote Web Account" tab page.

Remote web account options

Web account
UsernameHere you can enter the user name.
PasswordHere you can enter the password for the site using user name specified in the "Username" field.
Create a new accountOpen web page in order to register a new web account on the server. Registration is FREE.

Web account options are used in order to create and manage your collections online using web site. To upload your collection on the web site you can use "Synchronize" command from the main menu.

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