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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]

Tool "Dates Calculator"

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The "Dates Calculator" tool provides conversion from various date formats into Gregorian date format.

'Dates Calculator' window of the Collection Studio

Supported date formats are:

  • Moslem Lunar Calendar (Hejira);
  • Moslem Solar Calendar;
  • Hebrew Dates;
  • Japanese Dates;
  • Thai Buddhist Calendar;
  • Bengali (Bangladesh) numeric conversion;
  • Mongolian numeric conversion;
  • Nepali Dates - Bikram Samvat Era [VS] new.

Other numerals

Hindi numerals Hindi numerals
Nepalese numerals Nepalese numerals

Change log

Dates Calculator Change Log
3.0.3 17/Dec/2008 Fixed hieroglyph "Sei" image for Japanese calculator.
3.0.2 2/Aug/2008 Fix of XML parser in plugin mode;
Upgraded 'Mem' letter of Hebrew alphabet;
Temporary removed tooltips in standalone executable.
3.0.1 29/Feb/2008 Glyphs updates.
3.0.0 18/Jan/2008 Using CS Plugin Architecture;
Fixed about dialog crash on some systems;
Images and glyphs were revised.
2.1.0 27/Nov/2007 Nepali Dates - Bikram Samvat Era [VS].
2.0.0 12/Feb/2007 Larger icons for buttons.
All icon glyphs are revised and recreated.
Support for Bengali (Bangladesh) numeric conversion.
Fix for Hebrew and Thai dates for BC era.
Support for Mongolian numeric conversion.
1.4.0 04/Dec/2006 Support for Thai Buddhist Calendar.
Program Icon Revised.
1.3.0 07/Oct/2006 Support for Moslem Lunar Calendar Open link in new window (Hejira).
Renamed labels for world used calendars shortcuts.
1.2.0 19/Aug/2006 Support for apostrophe for Hebrew digits to avoid misspell with "Jud".
Tooltips for language specific numbers buttons.
1.1.0 28/May/2006 Fixed redraw of buttons, no artifacts.
Japanese dates calculator.
Tooltips for command buttons.
1.0.0 30/Jan/2006 Support of multi dates.
Hebrew dates calculator.
Improved glyphs of Arabic numbers.
Fixed problems with buttons transparency.
Project renamed to "Dates Calculator".
0.0.0 12/Jan/2006 Basic version of "Arabic Dates Calculator" released.

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