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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]

Tool "Save View"

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The "Save View" tool provides various possibilities to save current view of your collection into the file with specific format.

When you run "Save View" tool, Collection Studio automatically setup filename for generated file using current settings. You can easy modify this filename format using "Settings: Filename Formats" window.

When you run "Save View" tool, Collection Studio automatically runs corresponding application on your computer for generated file. You can easy enable/disable this feature using "Settings: List" window.

If you need to export the whole collection or its part into the file with specific format you should use "Export Tool" of Collection Studio.

Supported formats

Current version provides the following formats:

  • ASCII Text File (extension: txt);
  • CSV File (extension: csv);
  • Simple HTML page (extensions: htm);
  • Styled HTML page (extensions: html);
  • XML Table (extensions: xml);
  • MS Excel file (extensions: xls);
  • Rich Text Format - RTF (extensions: rtf);

Why you need such tool?

  • Using "Save View" tool you can easy maintains your web-site or home page in the Internet. Just save your collection into the Web-page and upload it on your web-site ...

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