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Blog: Beermats

13 мая


A coaster, or beermat, is a mat used to rest glasses of beer (or other beverages) upon. Public houses usually will have them spread out across the tables. They are used not just to protect the surface of the table, but, as they are usually made out of paper, they can also be used to absorb condensation dripping along the glass or serve as an ad-hoc notepad. Beermats are often branded with alcohol advertising.

© 2011, Art Lebedev Studio, Photo: Nikolay Danilov
Cafeteria on the fifth floor of the Art Lebedev Studio, Russia, a collection of coasters on the wall behind the bar.

Posted by andrew, 13 мая 2011. Post has 2 comments.
beermats collection Russia


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Профиль Beermatman
17 мая 2011 12:14
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Some interesting advertising Beer mats here. If you see any you like drop me an e-mail and I'll send you some if I can.



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BMH Team
10 сентября 2012 20:30
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Beer Mat Hunter – the web search engine that helps you find beer mat collectors and their collections on the World Wide Web.

link: http://beermat.webnode.com/beermat-hunter/

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