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Collection Studio 4.76

[ release date: May 31, 2024 ]

Menu: Collection

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empty space New Collectible
empty space Hot key: Ctrl+1
Add new collectible into collection
empty space Duplicate...
empty space Hot key: Ctrl+D
Duplicate collectible into new entry in the same container. Automatically open "Edit Collectible" window if "Settings/Duplicate.AutoOpen" is switched ON in system settings (this is by default).
empty space New Currency
empty space Hot key: Ctrl+2
Add new currency
Image of the 'New Country' action New Country
empty space Hot key: Ctrl+3
Add new country
Image of the 'New quality level' action New Quality
empty space Hot key: Ctrl+4
Add new quality level
empty space New Contact
empty space Hot key: Ctrl+5
Add new contact
Image of the 'Edit' action Edit
empty space Hot key: Enter
Edit selected item. This action can be accessed using toolbar.
Image of the 'Delete' action Delete
empty space Hot key: Ctrl+Del
Delete selected item. This action can be accessed using toolbar. If you have "Recycle Bin" container, the collectible will be moved there instead of the deletion. Deletion in the "Recycle Bin" container will remove collectible from the collection without possibility to restore it.
empty space Set new status Set new status of selected collectible using "New status" dialog; Using collectible statuses (such as lost, coming soon, loaned to somebody etc) you can specify actual state of all your collectibles. Using row colors according collectible statuses you can easy identify specific collectibles in the list of collectibles.
empty space New Container Create a new collectibles container.
empty space Delete Container Delete selected container. All inner collectibles will be moved into the Recycle Bin if it exists.
empty space Synchronize Upload collectible list on server and update information modified by you online.
empty space Container properties Show/change available properties of the container using "Container properties" widow.
empty space Options
empty space Hot key: F9
View or change options for your collection:
  • Summary - summary for opened Collection Studio Document;
  • General - general setup options of the Collection Studio Document;
  • Fields Setup - available only in custom collections;
  • Custom Fields Setup - setup additional user defined fields for collectible, country, currency, contact and for quality level items;
  • Remote web account - manage your web account.

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