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Collection Studio 4.75

[ release date: August 31, 2018 ]

Version History: Ideology

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Version number

features and tasksCollection Studio has several versions with various options. Every version has its unique code: X.YY, where
X - is a global changes counter
YY - is a minor changes counter

Global changes by versions

CollectionStudio 1.xx

  1. Supports collections of coins, banknotes and postage stamps;
  2. A lot of views with histograms;
  3. Export / Import;
  4. Dates Calculator;

CollectionStudio 2.xx

  1. Supports collections of books, discs, medals and awards and movies;
  2. Multi-lingual support;
  3. Plugins;
  4. Portable installation;
  5. Coloured continent's maps.

CollectionStudio 3.xx

  1. Custom collectible;
  2. Customizable import tool;
  3. List Filter;
  4. Custom containers for collectibles.

CollectionStudio 4.xx


  1. All collectibles are customizable;

In progress:

  1. Virtual lists (Lightboxes) Open link in new window;
  2. Report generator;
  3. Synchronization with Collection Studio Online;
  4. Statistics and deep analytics views for your collectibles based on usage of specific aspects specified by collectibles fields;

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